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EnochWalked: "As the dependency ratio worsens in Japan, workers could face higher taxes and social security contributions." The author makes an interesting argument. The young might migrate. Feb 29, 2024 9:56:04 GMT -6
EnochWalked: There will be a big temptation for the older generations in any country to vote for politicians which give them luxurious pension benefits, paid for by the younger generations, who are so overtaxed that they can't afford to start families of their own. Feb 29, 2024 9:57:02 GMT -6
EnochWalked: In such a scenario, it makes more sense to emigrate, which puts more of a tax burden on the dwindling numbers of young people who choose to stay. Will governments start banning their young citizens from ever leaving the country? Feb 29, 2024 9:58:50 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Some sort of mandatory annual conscription or national service could prevent military-aged citizens from taking jobs abroad and establishing roots there. Banning the teaching of foreign languages could also make it harder for citizens to leave. Feb 29, 2024 10:01:04 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Many Western countries are under pressure to limit the numbers of illegal immigrants arriving, but might benefit from accepting young healthy Japanese or South Korean graduates. That would still be unpopular with some for diluting the majority population. Feb 29, 2024 10:04:22 GMT -6
EnochWalked: These demographic pressures could have significant geopolitical effects, such as the cost of defending South Korea from the North, or Japan from China. The rise of humanoid robots and AI will also affect the supply and demand for immigrants. Feb 29, 2024 10:07:23 GMT -6
EnochWalked: 'Rules emanating from Washington granting “duty of care” to government officials will erode parental authority'. Everyone will need to prove they are over 18. Mar 1, 2024 11:18:01 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Klarna said the chatbot is more accurate in errand resolution and saw a 25 per cent drop in repeat inquiries." No future for humans? Mar 1, 2024 11:20:40 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Nepal has announced a new requirement that all climbers must rent and use tracking chips on their journey." "sewn into their jackets." Mar 1, 2024 17:08:13 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Israel may have just torched its relationship with Russia, promising to supply Ukraine with 'early-warning systems'". Will Russia seek revenge? Can it spare troops for Gaza? Mar 2, 2024 20:51:59 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "could harm mental health, create dependence on the technology and even spur a new religion, researchers have warned." Mar 3, 2024 15:55:23 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Prices in Spain are near €2/MWh, compared with €67 in France". That's not bad, considering it's technically still winter. Good for charging EVs. Mar 3, 2024 15:58:39 GMT -6
Boymaker726 : I was really taken aback to see that Greg believes that there were beings on earth before God created man. Is that the position of this site? That the Genesis account omitted something like soulless humans? Mar 3, 2024 16:30:26 GMT -6
EnochWalked: That's a surprising position to hold, indeed. Most traditions teach that Adam and Eve had multiple daughters (possibly as twins of their sons), so I don't think that the "soulless humans" hypothesis is needed. Mar 3, 2024 17:56:07 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Speaking of human timelines, something else just occurred to me. Perhaps the reason why the Bible doesn't give much detail about the Millennial period is that it involves humans settling on other planets, which wouldn't have made sense in the 1st century. Mar 3, 2024 18:30:00 GMT -6
EnochWalked: The Tribulation could set back science and technology by centuries, and obviously will reduce the population, but 1000 years of good governance and blessed prosperity could allow the rebuilding of civilization to happen much faster than the original time. Mar 3, 2024 18:32:55 GMT -6
EnochWalked: I could imagine that in the year 3024, there are millions or even billions of people living across the solar system, and the generations born away from Earth might start to lose their political and moral connection to humans back on this planet. Mar 3, 2024 18:34:37 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "White House officials claim provisional agreement is on the table". Six weeks is 42 days. Will a red heifer sacrifice end the ceasefire early? Mar 3, 2024 22:52:03 GMT -6
EnochWalked: For reference, Passover this year is from the 22nd to 30th of April, which comes after the solar eclipse. Another day to watch is "Friday, 29 March 2024" "Shabbat of the Red Heifer" Mar 3, 2024 22:56:03 GMT -6
leewiggins63: Just saw this, April 8th eclipse, will pass over 7 US cities named Nineveh. Most are connecting it with the story of Jonah. 7 cites named Salem in 2017 eclipse. Mar 4, 2024 6:56:44 GMT -6
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