The Chronological Order of The Book of Revelation


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nana: Ragamuffin movie about Rich Mullins Jun 4, 2020 13:30:19 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Is that the real Gary? I'm reluctant to click on the odd-looking link... Jun 4, 2020 13:34:58 GMT -6
nana: EW, is ok to click Jun 4, 2020 13:44:44 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Ah, excellent sticker. Thanks nana. Jun 4, 2020 17:48:55 GMT -6
boymaker: Thanks for sharing Dr. Barry Awe. Apparently his channel blew up and many Christians are responding. A lot of mockers, but some are excited and admit they are feeling the Spirit when they watch him. Jun 4, 2020 20:16:11 GMT -6
boymaker: Even if he's wrong, and he likely is, he stoked a fire in me and I'm glad for it. Jun 4, 2020 20:16:55 GMT -6
EnochWalked: A guy on YouTube with nearly 3 million subscribers makes funny videos that are quite popular, although some of the jokes are in poor taste. His latest video has an interesting segment: (timestamp 3:16 to 3:44). Jun 4, 2020 21:20:16 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "This is the greatest 50-day rally in the history of the S&P 500" "A record 40 million people have filed for unemployment insurance since ... March". Hmmm. Jun 4, 2020 21:35:51 GMT -6
boymaker: Watch this, friends. Remember how the demons behaved when Christ was near? Jason A Jun 4, 2020 22:54:47 GMT -6
mike: Frightening , but not surprising given the late hour we live in Jun 5, 2020 7:15:16 GMT -6
Gary: That's the real Gary above, ha. I made a left behind sticker design and wanted to share it. Those fit perfectly on the bottom of canned goods (: Jun 5, 2020 8:03:05 GMT -6
Gary: And for those that aren't pre-trib, well, the message is still pertinent (: Jun 5, 2020 8:03:25 GMT -6
bernie: Strange Days Indeed. Nancy Pelosi holds a Bible, opens it and reads her notes, but doesn't read the Bible: Jun 5, 2020 11:19:22 GMT -6
bernie: boymaker, strange video. The line between demonic possession, mental illness, or drug influence gets hazy and hard to distinguish between. But either way, it's a sign of the times, and I expect we'll see more of this. Thanks for the video. Jun 5, 2020 11:25:36 GMT -6
Gary: If anyone wants a simple left behind message to share, I've made the sticker into a picture: Jun 5, 2020 14:22:35 GMT -6
Gary: Did you all see what happened in Bryan, TX last week, May 27th? YouTube it. Jun 5, 2020 14:23:22 GMT -6
Natalie: Gary - I saw a video that says that it is a pressure release value somewhere and one video did show what appeared to be steam which also could be the "object" one guy saw in the sky. But it was so loud and just weird. I don't know what to believe on Jun 5, 2020 15:06:34 GMT -6
Natalie: some of this stuff. I know I wouldn't want to hear loud weird screaming noises Jun 5, 2020 15:06:49 GMT -6
Natalie: Here you go: Jun 5, 2020 15:19:16 GMT -6
Natalie: but look where it's at "Global Research Health Complex." That's sounds interesting. Jun 5, 2020 15:22:46 GMT -6
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