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EnochWalked: "Iran Vows Revenge for Alleged Israeli Attack on Nuclear Site." "... raised fears that Iran would seek to save face by mounting a stronger military response than usual." Apr 12, 2021 6:56:13 GMT -6
bernie: China creates 'hotline' to report citizens who attack state in eerie Orwellian power-grab: Apr 12, 2021 8:45:12 GMT -6
bernie: Historic freeze wreaks havoc on the majority of this year's fruit harvest in France: Apr 12, 2021 9:09:25 GMT -6
bernie: Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’: Apr 12, 2021 9:12:20 GMT -6
bernie: The World Economic Forum Is Promoting The ‘Smart Mask’ Of The Future: Apr 12, 2021 9:16:27 GMT -6
bernie: The chances of powerful geomagnetic storms have just doubled: Apr 12, 2021 9:19:32 GMT -6
bernie: Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood: Apr 12, 2021 9:26:25 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Bernie: Thanks for those articles! Following the links I found this too: It mentions "microchips that can read your thoughts." Apr 12, 2021 14:53:24 GMT -6
bernie: Thanks EW, this stuff would be really scary if we weren't believers. "a future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read." So, even if someone takes the mark, the Antichrist will know if their loyalty is legit. Apr 12, 2021 16:32:37 GMT -6 *
bernie: The AC won't stand for any lukewarm worshipers, or people that just want a meal ticket. Apr 12, 2021 16:33:47 GMT -6
EnochWalked: That's a useful warning, Bernie. If someone thinks they'll take the Mark, they better be sure that they're not going to have second thoughts, because the Beast may give them the same punishment as the Christians, while they receive none of the rewards. Apr 13, 2021 6:10:19 GMT -6
Gary: THE LATEST: Apr 13, 2021 8:21:51 GMT -6
bernie: Iran fires missile at Israeli-owned ship near UAE: Apr 13, 2021 9:28:38 GMT -6
bernie: Western U.S. may be entering its most severe drought in modern history: Apr 13, 2021 9:34:36 GMT -6
bernie: 200 Heavily-Armed Canadian Police Deployed to Edmonton Church to Harass Christians: Apr 13, 2021 9:36:04 GMT -6
bernie: Historic, Category 3 Tropical Cyclone "Seroja" batters Western Australia, causing widespread damage: Apr 13, 2021 9:40:56 GMT -6
bernie: First GMO mosquitoes to be released In the Florida Keys – Scientists and locals want to stop the deployment: Apr 13, 2021 9:50:24 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "School custodian refuses to download phone app that monitors location, says it got her fired" "We need to take a pause … before we go down some path of being tracked all day" Apr 13, 2021 9:54:42 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "part of China’s establishment is convinced that the liberal order established after 1945 ... is an obstacle to China’s rise" Apr 13, 2021 9:58:08 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "Is Russia going to war with Ukraine and other questions" Apr 13, 2021 10:00:26 GMT -6
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