1/21/18 The Eclipse & Rev 12 - Rapture Connection?


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EnochWalked: www.breakingisraelnews.com/145685/as-talks-fail-russia-turkey-appear-to-be-heading-to-war-gog-and-magog-says-rabbi/ "A (Turkish) offensive in Idlib is only a matter of time. ... Idlib ... is the rebels’ last stronghold." Is it now or never? Feb 25, 2020 7:11:12 GMT -6
Servant: amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/24/limited-nuclear-war-game-us-russia nuclear weapons are fine to use? I see. Feb 25, 2020 10:16:22 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "it embodied the controversial notion that it might be possible to fight, and win, a battle with nuclear weapons, without the exchange leading to an all-out world-ending conflict." By "controversial" they mean "suicidally deluded". Feb 25, 2020 11:58:31 GMT -6
Servant: EnochWalked: World War 3 is getting closer to reality. Feb 25, 2020 13:20:44 GMT -6
visit-r: I was hoping this would be posted by now, but apparently not. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRLi7NCgu68 Feb 25, 2020 14:01:45 GMT -6
visit-r: It seems this is what is referred to as an elephant in the room.... idioms.thefreedictionary.com/(the)+elephant+in+the+room Paul had comments off and maybe 20% of his viewers objected to the video. Feb 25, 2020 14:06:35 GMT -6
visit-r: Strange, It somehow feels like censorship to me. As a Christian AND a senior citizen, I do not ever remember experiencing this before. I also believe it is a current event that needs to be aired. Feb 25, 2020 14:13:40 GMT -6
Natalie: I wish I understood the video a bit better. Yes, Trump is a lover of self and many have made an idol of him. He's done a lot of good but he's not the Savior. I see God using Him for this time. Feb 25, 2020 14:43:44 GMT -6
visit-r: Hi Natalie. The video is obvious - nothing deep to understand. Not all of the idolizing throngs are "Christians", but you can bet a good many of them are. The present day political parallels with WWII era, Nazi Germany, and Hitler are all there. Feb 25, 2020 14:50:53 GMT -6
visit-r: And, I see no "bit of good" that he does. Sorry folks, nada. Feb 25, 2020 14:51:37 GMT -6
visit-r: I can only hold my peace as I'm able, and pretending there is no problem is not helpful. I have noticed that certain "topics" are even off limits - even for "eschatological" discussion. So, I guess if I am "put out of the synagogues" then so be it. Feb 25, 2020 15:03:10 GMT -6
visit-r: I just watched in horror today as he hypocritically berated CNN's Jim Acosta for trying to do his job. Nope, sorry, this acceptance of such behaviour - IS NOT what Christians believe. I'm convinced "Christians" have become todays "Pharisees". Feb 25, 2020 15:12:02 GMT -6
visit-r: The Pharisees also believed that THEY were God's "standard bearers" of their day. Yep, the parallels are all there for anyone to see. Y'all should want to make peace with those "lefty sinners". Jesus walked among them - now didn't he? Sickening. Feb 25, 2020 15:23:17 GMT -6
Natalie: I'm not going to defend him or how he does things. I voted for him because of what the Republican party stands for and because of what I had heard about Pence. I could not in good conscience vote for the other candidate. Feb 25, 2020 15:24:20 GMT -6
visit-r: I'm sorry to hear that. Have a good day. Feb 25, 2020 15:25:42 GMT -6
Natalie: Maybe you should stick around and get to know the people here instead of just lumping everyone together. Feb 25, 2020 15:29:26 GMT -6
visit-r: Yes, jump in. The water's fine. So, I've been told. Frogs and tepid water. Feb 25, 2020 15:31:41 GMT -6
Natalie: then, may I ask, why are you here? Feb 25, 2020 15:34:30 GMT -6
visit-r: Because I too believe in the signs and that Jesus is returning soon. Just been visiting for a few good links and articles (there are few...), but I am not a "rapture" hound. And now I am here no longer. Feb 25, 2020 16:04:13 GMT -6
visit-r: Because now that the unspoken has been broken, certain things just figure way too high on your list of importance. And - I cannot go there - with a good conscience. Feb 25, 2020 16:10:36 GMT -6
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