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fitz: You've never seen this scene on the eve of Passover. Apr 7, 2020 6:27:23 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "The water level of the Kinneret is 0.30 meters lower from ... maximum capacity" "wave height 30-50 cm". The waves are consistently over the maximum capacity. Another 3 weeks and they'll have to drain it. Apr 7, 2020 8:35:07 GMT -6
JamesVA: Not sure where to post this. Youtube channel A Call for an Uprising posted that Bill Gates-back DNA vaccine to start human testing. Immediately made me think of what Jaco was talking about in God's Roadmap to the End. Apr 7, 2020 12:10:47 GMT -6
JamesVA: Via IBT: "The Inovio DNA vaccine candidate contains specifically engineered plasmid (a small, independent genetic structure), and when it is injected into a patient, the body cells produce an antibody capable to fight a specific infection." Apr 7, 2020 12:11:48 GMT -6
mike: JamesVA - please post link here and one of the Mods can create a thread or post to an appropriate thread Apr 7, 2020 12:29:56 GMT -6
yardstick: just heard a blurb on the news about how the covid vaccine will alter your DNA... Apr 7, 2020 12:34:39 GMT -6
JamesVA: Here's the one I read: Apr 7, 2020 12:35:10 GMT -6
mike: Thanks James. That one doesnt seem so devious, although the DNA terminology does cause me to exercise caution Apr 7, 2020 14:15:02 GMT -6
JamesVA: It caught my attention because of something Jaco said, about the mark of the beast being DNA that changes those who take it, so that they are no longer made in the image of God. As well as the idea of the sores and pain of the judgements. Apr 7, 2020 14:16:58 GMT -6
mike: I saw that one by Jaco too. This may not be "it" but this will normalize the idea to most to the point where its like getting it is like any other shot you would get. Apr 7, 2020 16:02:52 GMT -6
bernie: I read one theory that when the mark does come, it would be offered as a DNA upgrade that would benefit everyone who takes it. I don't remember where I read it, and I don't remember how it was going to be delivered. Apr 7, 2020 16:19:55 GMT -6
nana: The technology exist to change dna. Crispr and Cas9 combined...The mark could turn someone into a hybrid nephilim who will be irredeemable...PART 1...
Apr 7, 2020 16:35:40 GMT -6 *
nana: Refresh please Apr 7, 2020 16:37:09 GMT -6
bernie: Also, I've always thought people taking "The Mark," would know that doing so, is an allegiance to the AC and his world system, although they wouldn't know he's the AC. Apr 7, 2020 16:41:03 GMT -6
nana: Part 2 Apr 7, 2020 17:46:53 GMT -6
nana: Perry Stone live now if you want to watch Apr 7, 2020 18:02:06 GMT -6 *
EnochWalked: I think that the Covid vaccines are at worst prototypes or trial-balloons for the "mark". Until the Rapture, there is no way to give irreversible allegiance to the AC (even if we knew who that person is). Those in Christ "shall all be changed" 1 Cor 15:51. Apr 7, 2020 19:31:43 GMT -6
bernie: EW, I agree, we've been sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption, and we're held safely the hand of Jesus & the Father. I don't believe there's anything that can change our eternal destiny. Apr 7, 2020 20:26:26 GMT -6
bernie: After the Rapture, I believe people will have to make a choice, and I don't believe people will be able to be tricked into taking the Mark, they'll know they're choosing to accept the AC as something more than a just political leader. Apr 7, 2020 20:32:02 GMT -6
bernie: nana, thanks for the videos, I like L,A., I've read some of his books, I especially liked the one on the Fatima incident. I also agree with him for the most part on the UFO phenomena. If they do exist, I believe they're demonic. Apr 7, 2020 20:39:56 GMT -6
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