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Servant: EnochWalked: Not a problem, Netanyahu and Trump are probably the 'last' stand before the political chaos to be unleashed upon the world. Maybe? And the China virus, warrant an attention on it for any further mutation. Jan 21, 2020 20:20:07 GMT -6
Servant: leewiggins63: Please provide the link, thanks. Jan 21, 2020 20:21:44 GMT -6
leewiggins63: Jan 21, 2020 20:29:16 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Thanks Servant, and thanks Lee for the link. I've traced that "10 Supernations" map/idea back to this article from 2009: It seems to have been related to just NAFTA originally, so nothing specific to the USMCA. Jan 21, 2020 21:13:51 GMT -6
leewiggins63: Thanks EW, first article that I've seen concerning the 10 horns. Jan 21, 2020 21:30:12 GMT -6
Servant: All the world leaders attending in Israel sure makes it perfect target for some kind of attack to wipe them all out. Or Rapture. Either way, chaos would reign the day. Jan 21, 2020 23:07:40 GMT -6
Servant: While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, 1 Thessalonians 5:3. Could the peace plan in Israel be it? I could be wrong and it means something else. Either way, . . . Jan 21, 2020 23:09:57 GMT -6
Natalie: Servant - I have been wondering that too. Jan 22, 2020 8:47:23 GMT -6
Natalie: Or the dwelling safely of Ez 38 Jan 22, 2020 8:48:58 GMT -6
Natalie: I am also wondering if it will provide a way for the Temple. Jan 22, 2020 8:54:02 GMT -6 *
Servant: Natalie: Yes, I thought about it. But I debate posting it as I don't want to raise the hopes too high. Still, to think the possibilities. . . Jan 22, 2020 9:48:35 GMT -6
leewiggins63: Jan 22, 2020 10:05:49 GMT -6
EnochWalked: A timely confirmation of what Bible scholars have been saying about Tarshish Jan 22, 2020 11:43:39 GMT -6
disciple4life: Hello Leewiggings63, others, What is USMCA?? Anyone else read any credible reports about the so-called "Trump peace plan imminent?" There is an article on the main page, but no sources. Lots of speculation and conjecture that it divides Israel. Jan 22, 2020 16:04:20 GMT -6
disciple4life: We've been reading about the "imminent reveal" since March of last Year. If the speculation and gossip were true and it gave land to the Leprechauns, this doesn't start the tribulation. Why are so many people up in arms about this.?? Jan 22, 2020 16:16:31 GMT -6
disciple4life: If we see construction or surveying begin on the 3rd temple, then I think people have reason to get excited. but this - Meh. Jan 22, 2020 16:17:05 GMT -6
EnochWalked: Err, there was just a (moderate) earthquake in Izmir (Smyrna) at 19:22 UTC, which is 22:22 on January 22, 2020, local time. Slightly coincidental, but January = 01. Jan 22, 2020 16:27:07 GMT -6
disciple4life: Natalie, I'm curious re your thoughts about the connection betw the deal and the temple. I've read some theories that it could include land for the Jordanian Arabs aka Leprechauns in exchange for the Jews getting space on/near temp mt to build 3rd temple.? Jan 22, 2020 18:50:42 GMT -6
Natalie: D4L It's just speculation. Trying to guess the future. :) I know that some see Trump as a type of Cyrus, as maybe someone who could get an agreement for the building of the Temple. I have no idea if that's in the deal but it would be interesting if it was Jan 22, 2020 19:49:14 GMT -6
EnochWalked: "senior officials said Netanyahu did not announce Likud's election campaign Tuesday night because he is waiting until next week to bring the issue of [Jordan Valley] sovereignty for a Knesset vote." Jan 22, 2020 20:19:10 GMT -6
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